Registered participants need to please proceed to the registration area first to pick up their badge. ESCRS iNovation® Day will be taking place in the Silver Room on level +2, at the MiCo (Allianz MiCo) – Milano Convention Centre.

2022 ESCRS iNovation® Day Programme

Friday, 16 September , 8:30-15:30

MiCo (Allianz MiCo) – Milano Convention Centre

Programme Committee

  • Oliver Findl
  • Roberto Bellucci
  • Burkhard Dick
  • Jose Guell
  • Thomas Kohnen
  • Rudy Nuijts
  • Filomena Ribeiro
  • Paul Rosen


7:45Networking breakfast and registration

Welcome and overview of first annual ESCRS iNovation Day

Welcome address – Oliver Findl

Review of iNovation attendee pre-meeting survey and topline ESCRS delegate survey trends –

Brad Fundingsland


SESSION #1: Managing presbyopia from early stage to cataracts

Session Chair: Thomas Kohnen
Doctor Panellists: Arthur Cummings, Gerd Auffarth and Francesco Carones
Industry Panellists: Franck Leveiller (Alcon), Raj Rajpal (Johnson & Johnson) and Scott Barnes (Staar)

  • 35 minute panel discussion on Presbyopia ESCRS delegate clinical opinion and
    practice pattern data trends
  • 3 Presbyopia emerging company technology presentations and panel discussion
    • Rowiak - Omid Kermani
    • Allotex - Michael Mrochen
    • AixLens – Reinhart Poprawe
    9:30SESSION #2: Defining the future of European MDR: Consequences to product development and patient outcomes

    Session Chair: Burkhard Dick and Jim Mazzo
    Doctor Panellists: Damien Gatinel
    Industry Panellists: Tim Clover (Rayner) and Steve Bridges

    • 30 minute panel discussion on impact of these MDR trends on ophthalmic innovation
    10:06Networking break 

    SESSION #3: Expanding advanced cataract extraction – Robotic Femtophaco, automated capsulotomy and key postop refractive considerations

    Session Chair: Filomena Ribeiro and Rudy Nuijts
    Doctor Panellist: Pavel Stodulka and Milind Pande
    Industry Panellists: MK Raheja (Johnson & Johnson), Yehia Hashad (Bausch & Lomb) and Dominik Beck (DORC)

    • 35 minute panel discussion on Cataract Extraction ESCRS delegate clinical opinion and practice pattern data trends
    • 3 Cataract emerging company technology presentations and panel discussion
      • Keranova – Michael Brownell
      • EyePCR – Ioannis Pallikaris
      • Ilasis – Francois Salin      

      SESSION #4: The 5 year future of the digital practice: Diagnostic data integration, EMRs, Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Operating Room

      Session Chair: Bruce Allan and Eric Donnenfeld
      Doctor Panellists: Beatrice Cochener and Jose Gell
      Industry Panellists: Flora Lum (AAO) and Sunny Virmani (Google) and Euan Thomson (Zeiss) 

      • 5 minute presentation on big data in ophthalmology: The AAO journey with IRIS registry– Flora Lum
      • 30 minute panel discussion
      • 3 digital emerging company technology presentations and panel discussion
        • Glasspop – Florent Costantini     
        • Bynocs – Arthur Cummings        
        • Ufonia - Aisling Higham
        12:25Lunch break 
        12:38SESSION #5: Funding European innovation

        Session Chair: Paul Rosen
        Panellists: Sheraz Daya, Michael Mrochen, David Ford, Kris Morrill, Joe Sullivan and William Link

        • 5 minute presentation of the European market, IPOs and investment trends
        • 30 minute panel discussion on:
          • Investing in emerging European companies
          • Financing small companies in Europe
          • Launching products in Europe
          • Key clinical and financial trends in Europe
          • The Route to the Exit: Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe
          • Developing value in your practice as part of an exit plan
        13:15SESSION #6: Earlier management of glaucoma in the cataract practice: New drugs, sustained release, and intraocular/bleb MIGS

        Session Chair: Ike Ahmed
        Doctor Panellist: Burkhard Dick, Norbert Pfeiffer and Julián García Feijoo 
        Industry Panellists: Franck Leveiller (Alcon) and Michel Vanbrabant (iStar Medical)

        • 5 minute presentation on glaucoma market size, trends and investment activity
        • 30 minute panel discussion on Glaucoma ESCRS delegate clinical opinion and practice pattern data trends
        • 3 Glaucoma emerging technology presentations and panel discussion
          • CILIATECH - Philippe Sourdille
          • BELKIN Vision - Daria Lemann Blumenthal
          • Implandata – Max Ostermeier        
          14:10SESSION #7: Improving sustainability, from manufacturing to the operating room: Long term strategies for managing clinical waste

          Session Chairs: Oliver Findl
          Doctor Panellists: David Chang, Rudy Nuijts and Sjoerd Elferink
          Industry Panellists: Jeannette Bankes (Alcon), Aaron Kendrick (Johnson & Johnson) and Thomas Bosshard (Oertli)

          • 5 minute presentations of operating room clinical waste and solutions
            • Expert speaker #1 David Chang (EyeSustain)
            • Expert speaker #2 Thomas Bosshard (Oertli)
          • 30 minute panel discussion
          14:52Networking break
          15:20SESSION #8:European industry leadership roundtable: visions for the next 5 years

          Session Chair: Oliver Findl and Rudy Nuijts
          Industry Panellists: Jeannette Bankes (Alcon), Leo Mulder (Staar), Shervin Korangy (BVI), Erin McEachren (Johnson & Johnson),  Efe Can (VSY Biotechnology) and Andrew Chang (Zeiss)

          • 30 minute panel discussion
          15:55Summary of key highlights, next steps and concluding remarks

          Networking reception